Lexus LS600h: 444bhp and 29.7 mpg

The upcoming Lexus LS600h, which is getting its European premiere at the Paris motor show, will offer the performance of a V12 with the fuel economy and emissions of a V6. Lexus just announced its flagship hybrid will return 29.7 mpg, which does compare well with an Accord V6. The output of the electric motors combined with the 5.0 liter V8 engines is 444bhp, which does not compare well with the power output of an Accord V6. The power output trails the BMW 760i V12 engine by just one bhp, but fuel economy for the Lexus is almost 30 percent better. The LS600h will be powered through all four wheels by a continuously variable transmission. There will be two body styles, a standard LS and a stretched version, the LS600h L. I wonder if this hybrid will qualify for a tax credit.
[Source: Car Magazine]

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