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HAMANN has a new way for you to dress up your BMW Z4: a new front skirt. Far more aggressive-looking than the tuner's original spoiler mod, which simply attached to the existing front assembly, the new piece is a wholesale replacement for the stock fascia and incorporates an "M"-like trapezoidal lower intake, fog lights, and lip spoilers that extend forward at the two corners. We like it. The Z4 wears this tougher face very well.

Of course, because we're talking about Hamann, they also offer a full tuning package that lets the aggressive-looking Z4 walk the walk, thanks to its 286-horsepower 3.3L replacement engine. In addition to the added snarl underhood, the usual suite of visual and handling upgrades can also be installed to make the Hamann Z4 a very complete and appealing package. The performance mods have been available for a few years now. We've included full details in Hamann's original press release after the jump.

As for the funky paint scheme on the photo car here ... well, we'll pass, thanks.

(More pics, a shot of the old front skirt, plus details about Hamann's Z4 tuning package after the jump)

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For Comparison - The old Hamann front skirt for the Z4:
Hamann Z4 - old front skirt

Archive Press Release:

The new BMW Z4 from HAMANN:
286 hp / 210 kW from 3.3 litres capacity and sporty design

The new BMW Z4 has arrived in the dealers" showrooms and HAMANN MOTORSPORT has given the roadster an even more sporty touch: The new HAMANN HM 3.3 increased-capacity engine with 286 hp and 262 lb-ft of maximum torque makes the Z4 about 167 mph fast. In addition the range contains custom-made HAMANN light alloy wheels in 17-, 18- or 19-inch diameter, sporty set up suspension modifications, a high performance brake system, prominently designed bodystyling parts and exclusive options for the cockpit.

The HAMANN HM 3.3 increased capacity engine for the Z4 3.0i is the latest development in the extensive HAMANN engine tuning program. The increase of capacity to 3.3 litres is made using a special long-throw crankshaft, bigger pistons and exactly balanced rods. In addition the four-valve cylinder-head is machined and equipped with sport camshafts and high performance valve springs. A special induction pipe and a recalibrated ECU completes the engine conversion. In addition the HAMANN sport rear silencer is fitted. The sport exhaust is available in two different versions with two or four tailpipes.

The HAMANN engine combines outstanding performance with excellent smoothness and exemplary emission behavior and fuel consumption. The HAMANN HM 3.3 engine delivers 286 hp at 6200 rpm and produces 262 lb-ft of maximum torque at 4000 revs. The two seater now accelerates in 5.0 seconds from 0 - 62 mph and is about 167 mph fast. The HAMANN HM 3.3 engine conversion is of course also offered for all other current BMW models with 3.0 litre six-cylinder double Vanos engines. The Z4 with 2.5 litre engine can be upgraded with the HAMANN HM 3.0 increased capacity engine with 240 hp and 224 lb-ft of maximum torque.

The HAMANN SPORTSHIFT gearshift travel shortage, which makes changing the gears even quicker and more precise, is available for all Z4 models with manual gearbox.

In addition HAMANN gives the roadster an even more striking look. The front of the car isn"t only visually upgraded with a spoiler which is fixed on the standard bumper. In addition this HAMANN aerodynamics component also reduces the lift on the front axle. The HAMANN headlight covers give the Z4 an even more aggressive look. Sideways the open BMW looks lower and more stretched with the new HAMANN side panels. Besides the HAMANN designers developed new side direction indicator moldings with implied air scoops.

On the back of the car the two-piece HAMANN rear spoiler is designed to provide an optimal aerodynamic balance in conjunction with the diffuser integrated in the rear bumper.

The extraordinary HAMANN look for the Z4 is additionally marked by one-piece or multi-piece HAMANN light alloy wheels in 17-, 18- or 19-inch diameter. On the enclosed photo of the front view the roadster is furnished with multi-piece HAMANN PG3 light alloy wheels of the sizes 8.5Jx19 front with 235/35 ZR 19 tires and 10Jx19 with 265/30 ZR 19 tires on the rear axle. The picture of the back of the car shows the BMW with multi-piece HAMANN PG2 wheels of the dimension 8.5Jx19 all around with 235/35 ZR 19 tires. These new rims have a special feature: Their outside well is equipped with a stainless steel protecion ring which can be easily exchanged.

To round off the sporty look and to further improve the car's handling, HAMANN provides different suspension modifications for the BMW Z4. The range starts with progressive HAMANN sport springs which lower the two-seater by about 40 millimeters front and 20 millimeters on the rear axle. Alternatively available is the height-adjustable HAMANN sport suspension, which lowers the roadster up to 60 millimeters front and 40 millimeters rear. Also available from HAMANN: A two- piece, adjustable front strut brace and adjustable sport anti-sway bars. To be able to always safely control the high road performances of a HAMANN tuned BMW Z4, HAMANN offers a high performance brake system with 4-pot aluminium fixed calipers and slotted and vented brake disks with 355 millimeters in diameter on the front axle.

Numerous options for the interior from aluminium pedals over an ergonomically shaped airbag- sport-steering-wheel up to exclusive full leather trims round off the HAMANN program for the new BMW roadster.

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