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Dunlop Driver's Cup: Qualifying begins

Once a year, drivers gather in a central location to test their skills in a myriad of motorized conveyances. The Dunlop Drivers Cup isn't just a day or two of on-track driving. Nor is it limited to four-wheeled vehicles. It's a five day long event that encompasses autocross, road racing, off-road driving, motocross and an ATV trek.

Drivers are selected for both their behind the wheel/handlebar skills, but also their physical prowess and the qualifying begins this September 11th. The winner of the stateside event will then move on to the Dunlop Drivers Cup World Finals sometime in 2007, where they'll compete in events across six different continents, with the final event being held in Africa.

A profile of some of the finalists can be found here, here and here, which are all definitely worth the read, especially for anyone considering entering in the 2007 event. We wish them all the best of luck on their upcoming journey and hope that Team USA trounces whomever they come up against abroad.

More information about the Cup and registration for next year's event can be found at Dunlop's website.

Click on through for some photos from last years event.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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