Peugeot announces twin-turbo, performance diesel

Over the past several months, a few Autoblog staffers have become obsessed with the performance potential of diesels. Sure the Audi R10's relentless asskicking of everything on the grid has certainly fueled our oilburning lusts, but what's available to us lowly consumers?

Well, if Peugeot has their way, we're in store for some serious torqurific enjoyment; all we have to do is travel halfway around the globe.

The French automaker has released information about its newest diesel offering, with technical information that may classify it as one of the most advanced oilburners to date. The new, twin-turbocharged, 4-cylinder diesel is expected to put down 170 hp and 277 lb./ft. of torque, with only 2.2 liters of displacement. The sequential-turbo duo is designed to give consistent performance across the rev-range, with the smaller turbo acting in the lower depths of the tach, while the larger snail kicks in between 2,600 and 3,200 RPM.

The new engine will find a home within Peugeot's 607 HDi 170 sedan and will return 40 MPG while not being flogged unremittingly by hoons like us.

[Source: Inside Line]

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