Mercedes E320 Bluetec arrives as 45-State Vehicle

While DaimlerChrysler announced at the start of this year it would be introducing its E320 BLUETEC with clean diesel technology as a 50-state vehicle, the car will be hitting showrooms as a 45-state compliant car. BLUETEC, DaimlerChrysler's aftertreatment system promises to meet the upcoming EPA Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions, which would make it 50-state compliant. However, to meet these tough new standards, a urea selective catalytic reduction system is needed. The 45-state version of the Mercedes E320 comes equipped with a nitric oxide absorber, which converts nitric oxides into nitrogen. This brings the emissions close to the strict new standards, but not quite all the way there, according to a 2004 test of a prototype. In an Autoweek article, found here, EPA guidelines for urea systems are a few weeks away. The uncertainty regarding the EPA direction on urea might have led to the decision by Mercedes-Benz to reduce the E320 BLUETEC to a 45-state vehicle.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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