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Cannonball heads for Holden territory

We're pretty sure that the last thing this great big spinning orb of ours needs is another 'rally.' But that isn't stopping Cannonball World Events from allowing those of you with too much disposal time and income from blasting across the great expanses of Australia.

The Cannonball Down Under will begin on May 7th, 2007, with 75 cars driving an estimated 4,000 kilometers over the course of several days. The organizers maintain that the chances of impending doom for both participants and bystanders are limited, as driver's average speed should be set at 100 KPH (62 MPH), hence the designation of a 'rally' rather than a 'race.' Sure.

The buy-in is set at 10-large in Australian green backs (are they even green?) and applications are readily available if you're over the age of 21.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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