Society of Automotive Analysts present Strategic Planning Summit

On Wednesday, August 30th, the Society of Automotive Analysts (SAA) will be presenting the third annual Strategic Planning Summit. In a press release, the SAA says that the Summit is "designed to bring together the leading automotive research, forecasting and consulting firms to address a wide variety of pertinent issues facing the industry today."
This year's presenters and topics in which we're particularly interested are:

- Lonnie Miller - Director, Industry Analysis at the Polk Center for Automotive Studies - "Future Ramifications and Success factors for Hybrid Vehicles"
- Dr. Walter McManus - Director, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute - "Building a North American Hybrid and Advanced Diesel Supply Chain"
- Gary Vasilash - Editor-in-Chief at Automotive Design and Production Magazine - "Future Ramifications and Success Factors for Hybrid Vehicles"

If anyone out there will be attending, let us know.

[Source: Society of Automotive Analysts]

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