Buying a Prius for all the wrong reasons

Having spent my entire life in San Francisco and New York City, sometimes I wonder if I'm out of touch with the general attitude of middle America.

I'm not sure if Bill Wineke, a columnist for The Wisconsin State Journal, represents the disposition of the masses, but he does offer a bit of insight into an American who bought a Prius for "all the wrong reasons."

He says, "I am insufficiently worried about the environment, global warming and the rise of Arab terrorists. Not only that, I poke fun at those who are." The reason he purchased the eco-friendly car was for a singular reason. While pointing out the Prius' rear-view camera, automatic climate control, heated mirrors and low tire-pressure notification, he says, "I couldn't resist. I love gadgets."

Well, Mr. Wineke, you're not alone for having purchased your Prius for reasons other than saving the planet as we have pointed to this Edmunds study before, but we do thank you for your final decision as well as showing us that hybrids and alternative-fuel cars aren't just for treehuggers.

[Source: The Wisconsin State Journal]

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