Well, here's a fun vid from Streetfire.net: it shows a Mideast-market (they're set up with LHD) Chevy Lumina SS rumbling around the Detroit area while sporting manufacturer's tags. The Lumina SS, in case you didn't already notice, is a rebadged VZ-body (previous gen) Holden Commodore powered by a 340-horsepower Corvette-derived V8.

As you can see, it looks great and the Bowtie looks perfectly at home on the imported Aussie bodywork.

Armed with the knowledge that RWD sedans are in the pipeline (the next Impala, the rumored Pontiac G8), the act of watching the video is far less infuriating than it would have been, say, two years ago. The new VE-series Commodores hint at what could be in store for us. There's good reason to be excited.

For now, let's sit back and enjoy this video while we wait. Sadly, we don't get any "in the wild" views of the front end. The driver made a concerted effort to get away (giving us a nice taste of the SS's exhaust rumble) when he saw he was being filmed.

No matter. The pic at right shows what the nose looks like, and we've attached a few more shots after the jump.

[Sources: Streetfire.net, GM]

Lumina SS Lumina Lumina

Chevy Lumina SS Chevy Lumina SS

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