Toyota opens biggest showroom in country

We know at least one of you will take this post as a personal challenge to go out to your local dealerships, tape measure in hand, just to prove how wrong we are, but a 5-acre Toyota showroom in Cincinnati is now thought to be the biggest around. The square footage of the facility amounts to 68,000 square feet.

Apparently a converted Best Buy, we can just imagine Corollas on aisle 3, Tundras on aisle 10. Actually, the new Kings Toyota has a Starbucks, free wifi, six high-definition plasma screens and two rotating turntables at the entrance topped with Toyotas, so it's part indoor mall and part auto show.

Toyotas have been knocked before for having the soul of an appliance, so maybe this was inevitable. For now, Kings Toyota has bragging rights until one of you can best it.

[Source: Tracy's Auto Blog via Netscape, CNN Money]

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