On the heels of announcing that the Duramax engine will meet tough 2007 federal emissions standards, GM says it will build a new V8 diesel for the light-truck market.

Truck enthusiasts have been begging for a light-duty diesel in their 1/2-ton pickups, and now GM says it will build one that will meet 2010 emissions standards and improve fuel efficiency by 25 percent. The new DOHC V8 turbo-diesel will be built around a compacted graphite iron block, aluminum cylinder heads, integrated manifold and common-rail fuel system. A NOx after-treatment system and diesel particulate filter will help the engine achieve Tier 2 Bin 5 and LEV 2 emissions standards. The engine will be available in trucks after 2009 but no word was mentioned if the engine could be ordered in fullsize SUVs.

Diesels make up more than half of all heavy duty pickup sales; those trucks commonly called 3/4- and 1-ton models. The engine is popular not so much for the fuel efficiency but the massive torque needed for towing heaving trailers. No horsepower or torque numbers were given for the new engine. However, GM did announce that the 2007 Duramax will be offered in two versions. The base 300-horsepower model is rated at 520 lb-ft of torque while a new 330-horsepower option is rated at 620 lb-ft.

[Source: GM media]

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