Celebrating Car Free Day with a car rally

Since its inception in 2002, European Mobility Week has been an event held each year beginning on September 16th which allows European cities to promote sustainable modes of transportation. The last day of the event, the 22nd, is the highlight of the week, a day called Car Free Day.
Sounds like a great idea. So what outfit would stage a car rally on Car Free Day? Revolve Global. They're a "UK organisation championing emissions reductions and solutions to combat global warming in vehicles." Oh, and this particular rally is for zero-emission cars.

By holding their inaugural event during European Mobility Week, Revolve is hoping to place a spotlight on hydrogen and fuel cell-powered vehicles demonstrating their viability. Steven Glaser, Revolve's director, distinguishes the event by calling the Revolve Brighton to London rally "perhaps the most public demonstration of low and zero-emission vehicles ever to be held in the UK."

The rally as well as the week's other events are expected to receive an abundant amount of international interest including a three-month Times Online campaign promotion. We'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled.

[Source: Fuel Cell Today]

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