BMW chauffers channel The Transporter for IMF-World Bank meetings

Yes, The Transporter wasn't Oscar material, but we'll gladly admit it's on our list of three-AM guilty pleasures. We've dreamed, even schemed, about losing our day job, selling all our worldly possessions and buying a luxury sedan, all in an effort to become a driver for hire. Normally, some kind of fiscal reality check pops up to dissuade us. That, and the driver in Ronin gets his throat slit ear to ear, so, that's kind of a buzz kill.

However, such thoughts of bloodied demise haven't entered the minds of some 1,650 applicants, all vying for 700 chauffeur positions during the IMF- (that's International Monetary Fund, not Impossible Mission Force) World Bank meeting in Singapore.

Training began in the middle of August, with applicants taking the wheel of what's assumed to be a variant of the BMW 750iL or 760iL uber-sedan. The potential drivers seem to come from all walks of life, including one 49 year-old housewife, whose empty nest syndrome brought her to the tryouts.

Pay certainly isn't in the stratosphere, with the finalists being paid between $9.00 and $12.50 per hour, with shifts that normally last 12 to 16 hours per day. Still, we'll take it.

[Source: Channel News Asia]

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