Autoextremist takes on the (automotive) world

Peter DeLorenzo is a 22-year veteran of the Detroit ad game and once a week he chimes in to give his take on whatever topic graces the lips of the players in Motor City.

Normally, his 'rants' (his word, not ours) are highly focused critiques of specific sectors of the automobile industry, with a keen eye towards overall perceptions and the future. This week however, he turns that same focus on the industry as a whole, singling out individual companies and dissecting what's good, what's bad and, in some cases, how to right the ship.

This piece, entitled "The players, the schemers, the smoke-and-mirror dreamers" leaves few stones unturned. His opening remarks identify the insulated world most CEOs exist within and from there he opens fire, takes no casualties, but, unlike other critics of the automotive world, DeLorenzo gives credit where credit's due.

No surprise, but Nissan, and specifically Carlos Ghosn, is at the top of DeLorenzo's hit list. Mr. Ghosn has been the focus of many Autoextremist editorials, with DeLorenzo identifying the recent move of Nissan's design firm to Memphis from L.A. as "Ghosn's Folly." He doesn't see the cost-cutting CEO as anything more than a "one trick pony" and he predicts bad things on the horizon for all in Nissan's camp.

The Chrysler Group, FoMoCo, Toyota, Kia and Hyundai all get the spotlight and in some cases the magnifying glass. DeLorenzo praises BMW/Mini and Audi, questions Mercedes-Benz, scratches his head while examining Porsche, then wraps up with a quick paragraph on the General's bright future.

Although it's lengthier than the average weekly article he produces, DeLorenzo's opinions are worth the time, especially considering his sources, opinions and foresights that blend editorial wit with intense, yet productive, criticism.

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