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One of the best TV commercials ever made by an American automaker was Ford's "Cornfield" spot that introduced the then-new 2005 Mustang. You know it well -- Field of Dreams references, Steve McQueen emerging from the corn, the retro 'Stang -- it was brilliant. I wish I had it on DVD. It's just that good.

Some of you may be surprised to learn that "Cornfield" was not the only TV spot for which Ford summoned the digitally resurrected McQueen. In fact, it wasn't even the first. The European division had done it earlier, putting McQueen behind the wheel of the Ford Puma (1997-2002). Set to Lalo Schifrin's score from Bullitt, the ad follows McQueen as he takes the Puma on a familiar route through the streets of San Francisco (familiar to McQueen, that is, but not to the Puma, which was never sold here). When he finally garages it at the end of the spot, two familiar vehicles make a cameo in his garage. It's a great commercial. Note to Ford: less Kelly Clarkson, more stuff like this, ok?


("Cornfield" embedded after the jump to ensure full daily allowance of McQueen)

[Source: YouTube]

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