Verizon Wireless targets concerned drivers

You've probably seen the reports that claim using mobile phones while driving is just as bad as driving drunk. That hasn't deterred Verizon's marketing department from targeting drivers concerned with saving gas, high fuel prices and traffic congestion. In a press release titled Save on Gas and Avoid Traffic This Fall With Verizon Wireless, the telecom giant endorses three of their mobile phone services: VZ Navigator, FuelFinder and TXT Traffic Alerts.
VZ Navigator is a navigation and mapping system that uses Location Based Services (LBS) and "only costs a fraction of the price of vehicle-installed GPS devices and systems." FuelFinder finds the best local price for gas and then offers turn-by-turn directions. With the TXT Traffic Alert service, Verizon Wireless customers can choose to receive customized traffic alerts on their mobile phones via text messages.

To Verizon's credit, they emphasize that their services aren't necessarily for use while driving. They make careful choice of their words by saying, "even before putting keys into the ignition" and "[c]ommuters... can choose their preferred routes."

They also suggest doing away with the commute altogether by telecommuting. Verizon's BroadbandAccess service allows you to connect your laptop or desktop computer to your mobile phone and receive Internet speeds up to 700 kilobits per second.

Note: I don't mean to endorse Verizon or its services, but this post was uploaded using Verizon's BroadbandAccess.

[Source: PRNewsWire]

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