And now for something completely different... a German hot rod based on a '60s Fiat 500.

The rear seat is now occupied by a turbocharged Alfa Romeo 2-liter V6, putting out an estimated 380 hp. The engine features a massive rear-mounted intercooler with dual electric fans (from a Maserati GT, no less) and a roof-mounted air scoop fashioned from the deck lid of a '65 Beetle. The HCS turbo is fitted with water/methanol injection. A huge front-mounted radiator handles the cooling duties behind the "FIAT" cutout. Power gets to the ground via 215/35 Dunlops in the rear.

Tube frame reinforcement helps the 500 handle the extra weight and power, and the suspension is completely custom, using Audi and Alfa Romeo parts. The very well-done interior also features a full complement of gauges and twin race seats.

The builder estimates that his labor of love includes about $25,000 worth of parts, and well over 3,000 hours of work. More pics after the jump.

[Source: eBay] Thanks, Christian!

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