Rumormill: Chrysler Firepower inching closer to production

British buff mag CAR reports that the Chrysler Firepower concept car is looking more like a legitimate production possibility.

With speculation rampant that Dodge is going to give the Viper a serious power boost (think 650 HP) for 2008 -- an idea bolstered by sightings of Diamondback Viper test mules -- the thinking is that Viper's move upmarket opens up room for a new performance coupe to take its place in the battle against the likes of the Corvette.

The HEMI-driven Firepower would certainly fit the bill while also providing Chrysler dealers with a serious traffic magnet for their showrooms. If a production version retained the concept's blend of performance with luxurious interior appointments, it might make for a very interesting 'Vette alternative, indeed.

Of course, as we said, it's all speculation -- speculation that becomes more fun, however, when you consider that Chrysler honcho Tom LaSorda helped fuel it himself back in January.

Stay tuned.

[Source: CAR Online via Winding Road]

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