Another toy HUMMER! Ninth exclusive toy available at dealerships

Fathers jealous of the HUMMER Happy Meal toy will no longer have to resort to ordering lunch in a colorful cardboard box to share in the fun. HUMMER announced today that a new HUMMER toy will join the current lineup of eight that the brand has been stuffing in Happy Meal boxes since the beginning of the month, but this one will only be available at HUMMER dealerships.

The new HUMMER toy is modeled after off-road racing legend Rod Hall's Team HUMMER H3 that has won its class in all 17 off-road races it's entered since being introduced in 2005, including the 2005 Baja 1000 and 2006 Baja 500. Only 250,000 Team HUMMER Rod Hall toys will be produced and you'll have to find a participating dealership to get your greasy hands on one.

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[Source: GM]

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