California is said to be a trendsetter in many aspects of American life. Some of these developments have been for the betterment of the automotive world (we'll let you decide that in the comments) and some have been decidedly negative (the 91-octane swill they call "gas" comes to mind). But for Detroit's major automakers, recent figures have shown that the big two and half are having a hard time selling their wares in The Golden State.

The research firm R.L. Polk and Company has compiled the last six months of vehicle registrations in California and has come up with two shocking statistics. First, Detroit's finest only account for 31.4 percent of new vehicles on California roads and second, Toyota garners more market share than both GM and Ford, combined.

Many factors are attributed to this trend, with data pointing towards Californians' interest and eventual purchase of smaller vehicles and pickup trucks. The latter seems to be the biggest sticking point for Detroit, as large truck, SUV and minivan sales have tanked in the western state, with one notable exception being Ford's F-series line of pickups.

If this movement begins moving towards the Atlantic, as many of California's trends have done in the past, hopefully Detroit will recognize it now and be able to stem the tide before it envelops more of their rapidly decreasing market share.

[Source: Automotive News - Registration Required]

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