Driving safely when school is back in session

The Motoring News section of the U.K. publication, easier, has some tips for drivers during the upcoming "school run," when hundreds, if not thousands, of children return to the hallowed halls of education this fall. Traffic is reported to increase by as much as 20 percent during the before and after school rush hour, with residential roads seeing an increase in speed related offenses, as 70 percent of drivers blow past the prescribed speed limit.
Tips include:
  • Don't use the car. Consider biking, walking, or using public transportation.
  • Car pool. This will reduce the number of vehicles on the road.
  • Leave early for your destination. Many crashes are caused by drivers in a rush.
  • Stay within the speed limit. A driver moving at 35mph doubles their chances of killing a pedestrian versus driving at 30mph.
  • Don't block driveways or double park. Use the parking brake while children are entering or leaving the car.
  • When children are exiting the vehicle, make sure they exit onto the sidewalk, not the street.
Comments are open for additional safety tips as school begins in your area.

[Source: easier]

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