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Britons design the ideal car together

Design by committee is normally shunned in the halls of the Autoblog offices. Over the years, we've found that too many people, with too many different needs can spell disaster for an automobile. You've seen the Aztek, right?

So with great trepidation, we explored New Car Net's online system for designing the ideal ride. The website allows users to pick their preferred wheel design, powerplant, body style and even safety equipment, all in an effort to identify what attributes make up the perfect vehicle for our neighbors across the pond.

Unfortunately, after you've chosen all of your options, there is no way of previewing what your dream vehicle will look like. The buzzkill of our afternoon. There's light at the end of the tunnel though. When the polling closes on September 12th, New Car Net will use rendering software to bring shape to the results and will display the public-designed vehicle shortly thereafter. Additionally, if you register after your selections, one lucky voter will win an iPod, with 10 runner-ups receiving a copy of the Car Design Yearbook 4 (a great bathroom book no matter where you get it from).

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