New group launches for Hybrid Owners of America

Hybrid drivers already get special perks in some areas by being able to drive in high-occupancy lanes (and, of course, you could call using less gasoline a perk), but they may soon speak with a more unified voice for more legislative benefits, if the new group Hybrid Owners of America (HOA) gets its way. The group was announced and the HOA website went live yesterday. The site will try to get the estimated 500,000 American hybrid owners to work together to lift the Federal tax cap on hybrids, gain new Federal incentives for plug-in hybrid conversions and get employers to buy more hybrids. The site will also track federal, state, local and private sector hybrid incentives. HOA claims to be independent, and is supported by the Civil Society Institute and According to the Whois information for the HOA site, the HOA group has been in development since at least February of this year.

[Source: Civil Society Institute/]

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