Who's buying small cars? Lots of people

If you're been following the green car world for a while, then this AP story from yesterday isn't really news. But for the rest of America, the fact that smaller cars are becoming more and more popular as gas settles in at around $3 a gallon is newsworthy. And some market analysts are quite excited about the trend. In fact, Jim Sanfilippo, senior industry analyst for Bloomfield Hills-based Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc. told the AP that, "I don't think there's a segment that's come to life quite so quickly and robustly." The subcompact market is up 43 percent this year so far, but that only means the automakers have sold 151,848 of the small cars this year compared to 9.8 million cars and light trucks. Sales of the Toyota Yaris and the Honda Fit have been high this year, and GM's Daewoo affiliate has the highest-selling subcompact with the Aveo.

[Source: AP]

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