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New biodiesel plant will be carbon neutral

Now even the long tailpipes will be clean. Green Star Products, a maker of biodiesel and other green products, has built a nearly carbon neutral biodiesel plant near Glenns Ferry Idaho. The GSPI Consortium says it is the world's first nearly carbon neutral biodiesel plant. It works like this. The system uses a "continuous flow waterless process" to make biodiesel which "requires less than one-third the electrical energy to operate versus existing batch plants". The plant will also use generators and boilers running on biodiesel created on location. Since the biodiesel facility is located within 200 yards of a co-generation power plant, some of the waste hear from the plant may be used in the biodiesel facility. Lastly, GSPI will use ethanol rather than methanol in biodiesel production. The ethanol will be made from waste products, not corn.
[Green Star Products, Inc.]

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