Aerodynamics? You don't need aero if you've got enough power, and in the case of this Dodge Ram, 930 hp did the trick at Bonneville Tuesday. The 5,500 lb Dodge Ram Quad Cab ran a two-run average of 224.08 mph, setting a new C/MP Bonneville Speed Week record that shattered the previous mark of 158 mph.

While the red and white Dodge looks a lot more aerodynamic than the stock version, it still has a frontal area of 32 sq. ft. (Imagine pushing an upright 4x8 sheet of plywood through the air at 224 mph...) Overcoming the truck's aerodynamic drag requires some serious power, and engine valvetrain specialists Jesel, Inc. came through with a 370 cu. in. Dodge NASCAR-type V8, fitted with dual four-barrel carburetors. Follow the link for more info.

[Source: Jesel] Thanks for the tip, Kyle!

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