Speed camera snaps F1 driver going 202 MPH on public roads

It seems most who read Autoblog possess some degree of loathing for speed cameras able to detect their velocity on public roads and automatically issue speeding tickets. In the past we've had good reason as these cameras have been proven to be inaccurate when shooting cars traveling at high speeds. For instance, in the U.S. a driver was forced to fight a ticket issued by a speed camera that recorded his Hyundai Sonata travelling 10 mph over its top speed.
To the chagrin of many, however, it appears speed camera technology is progressing, as this wild stunt certainly seems to prove. Early yesterday morning Robert Doornbos, the backup driver for the Red Bull Formula One team, was clocked going 202 mph in his Red Bull F1 car on Dutch public roads by a Dutch Gatsometer speed camera. The company admits an older version of the camera that's still widely in use wouldn't have been able to accurately capture the F1 car. The stunt required a portion of the road that crosses the De Afsluitdijk dam to be closed for obvious safety reasons, although sometimes that doesn't prevent the worst from happening. You can check out a video of the run on the Doornbos website here.

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[Source: TheNewspaper.com]

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