Mazda RX-8 reliability tested for third time at 24-hour endurance race

The Mazda RX-8's reliability has taken a beating as of late, what with the leaked video and various reports of squeeky brakes, flooding and even failing engines in hot climates. The RX-8, however, shouldn't be written off just yet. You should know that the four-door sports car has competed in and completed two 24-hour endurance races and has been entered in its third, the Silverstone Britcar 24 Hour Endurance Race, which takes place on September 9th and 10th.

Mazda will be entering three cars in the Silverstone race that have been modified only to meet racing safety requirements and are otherwise stock, including their 1.3-liter RENESIS rotary engine.

Mazda began endurance racing the RX-8 back in 2004 when it set 40 records with two cars that drove more than 3,100 miles in 24 hours at average speeds of 132 and 134 mph.

[Source: Mazda]

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