Legislate me: drivers favor ban on distractions

A recent study by Response Insurance, a national car insurer, says that cell phones aren't the only driver distractions people want banned. Reading, grooming, and even listening to MP3 players or iPods were on the list with significant support.
A few interesting results of the survey is that more Blackberry users favor government legislation banning their use behind the wheel than non-Blackberry users (65 to 58 percent, respectively), and 28 percent of the population says that even hands-free cell phone devices should be banned.

It's no surprise that a whopping 79 percent of people favor banning reading behind the wheel, 72 percent favor banning texting, and 68 percent favor banning grooming, but a surprising number of people are also all for banning eating, smoking and listening to iPods or MP3 players (36, 34 and 28 percent, respectively).

Thanks to Jamie for the tip.

[Source: Response Insurance via Yahoo! Finance]

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