Challenger and Camaro start their showdown a bit early

Chrysler picked a pleasant midsummer afternoon on Tuesday to show off its upcoming Challenger pony car to the media, but the party was briefly interrupted by the appearance of its soon-to-be showroom rival. The boys from Chevrolet picked this moment to roll through with a car transporter carrying its Camaro concept, which was on its way towards a media event of its own.

Jason Vines, Chrysler's VP of communications, dismissed the "lameness" of what he claimed was a "wuss" stunt, and pointed out that his company's muscle car didn't need to be brought to the event on a trailer. The Camaro is very much drivable, as we know, so maybe the best way to handle this little squabble would be for each automaker to stop jawing and head over to Milan Dragway to settle the dispute like real men. We'd pay extra to see the PR guys take the wheel and line 'em up; that'd be some quality entertainment.

[Source: Detroit News]

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