VIDEO + Google Earth: "It was an Appointment"

French filmmaker Claude Lelouch's (in)famous 9-minute short, "C'etait un Rendez-Vous," consisting entirely of bumper-mounted camera footage of a high speed dawn run through the streets of Paris in 1976, languished in obscurity for years until liberated on the internet and DVD. (See our previous post here.) Now, thanks to the coding efforts of blogger Brian Hendrix, those of us unfamiliar with the streets of Paris (OK, I recognized the Arc de Triomphe, but that's about it) can follow Lelouche's drive in an animated Google Earth map, synchronized with the video!
The animation is here. Syncing the video to the map animation may take a bit of fiddling - I found the video got ahead of the map a couple of times - but pausing the video for a moment fixed it.

With Hendrix' brilliant mashup making the rounds of automotive blogs at the moment (Thanks for the tip, Alberto!), a post on Le Blog Auto took us to another post that dispels the myths around the making of the film. (Did Lelouch drive, or did he enlist a Grand Prix driver? Was it a Ferrari? A Mercedes? Was it staged?) Well, it turns out it was Lelouche himself, driving his Mercedes 300 (with two passengers!), on the open streets of Paris. The film was made in one take (that's all the film they had). Oh, and the Ferrari rumor? The soundtrack is pure Ferrari, dubbed in after filming.

But wait, there's more! Here's a video made earlier this year, on the 30th anniversary of the original drive, in which Claude Lelouche returns to the scene and describes how the film was made (in French).

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