Relearning to drive from 'hypermiler'

A stock (right from the dealership) hybrid that gets over 90 miles per gallon? A Toyota Prius that receives over 1,200 miles on a single tank of fuel without any mods? How'd these vehicles achieve such miles without technology?

The drivers did it. Called 'hypermilers', these individuals modified their driving habits to maximizing their vehicles' fuel efficiency. Reporter Joshua Zumbrun consulted such individuals to maximize the mileage of his Honda Insight (pictured). He learned from father and son Fons about websites such as where hypermilers obsessively watch their mileage and adapt their driving habits to burn every ounce of fuel. Eventually Zumbrun, after following some of the suggestions, was able to achieve over 75 mpg on one trip in his Insight. EPA estimate for the diminutive hybrid is 57 mpg city, 56 highway.

[Source: Washington Post via Detroit News]

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