GM cars set records, crash at Bonneville Speed Week

General Motors reported mixed results on the salt flats Tuesday, with the day marred by a 250-mph crash of the Chevy So-Cal HHR (top, right).
So-Cal HHR driver and GM engineer Jim Minneker walked away from the HHR wreck, which happened after the car lost traction at nearly 250 mph when the parachute deployed. Minneker was on track to beat the G Class/Blown Fuel Competition Coupe record after hitting the long course speed traps at 246.686 mph (nearly 20 mph faster than the old record) before the crash.

On a brighter note, the So-Cal Speed Shop-built Chevy Cobalt SS (bottom, right) looks set to blow the doors off the G Class/Blown Fuel Altered Coupe record with a blistering 246.680 qualifying run. Driver Mark Dickens hopes to back up that run and break the Cobalt's previous record of 218.392 mph set two days ago. Meanwhile, the record-setting "Student Cobalt", also driven by Wickens, upped its G Class/Unblown Fuel Competition Coupe record to 163.608 mph, this time running its E85-fueled Ecotec with nitrous oxide injection, good for a 7 mph lift.

[Source: GM Performance Division, So-Cal Speed Shop]

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