Girls and tofu fans, get your Hummer on. New ads rated

The Hummer series of vehicles have always been more about attitude than transportation. From the original five-ton $140,000 beast to the smaller-but-still domineering H2, you can't ignore the way the Hummer has been sold as the SUV that is "Like Nothing Else".
The most recent Hummer model, the H3, is smaller than the previous two, but the marketing tactics are the same. take a gander at the television spots, in which people who feel inadequate – one man is ridiculed for buying tofu – make up for it by buying an H3. So that's the answer. The commercials were originally tagged with "Restore your manhood", but that has been changed to the slightly less ridiculous "Restore the balance". Which part of a Hummer is in balance, anyway?

The ad targeted towards women ends with "Get your girl on". Slate rates the ads a C-, which must mean they're grading on a curve.

[Source: Slate]

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