Britain's National Farmer's Union says biofuels pose no threat to UK food production

The debate over whether or not cropland should be used for food or fuel rages on all over the world (like in this post from yesterday). In the UK, at least, the National Farmer's Union (NFU) released a report claiming Britain's farmers will be able to meet the Government's target of five percent biofuel in road transport fuel by 2010 without affecting domestic food production. Oilseed rape will be the most-grown plant and will be used to make biodiesel. The NFU's paper, "UK biofuels - land required to meet RTFO 2010" figures advances in the way biofuels are produces will "allow output to be stepped up still further, without compromising food production capacity". In addition, 2.5 jobs will be produced for every 1,000 tons of biofuels produced, the NFU estimates.
[Source: Stackyard]

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