Australia to offer $2000 for drivers to convert to LPG

We had previously posted that Australian Prime Minister John Howard had been considering offering a $1,000 (approximately 767 American dollars) incentive to all drivers who converted their vehicles to use liquid petroleum gas (LPG) as part of his new energy package. Well, the amount is officially $2,000 for current vehicles. Upcoming LPG-powered vehicles continues to remain $1,000.
According to Alan Evans, chief of the National Road and Motorist Association, drivers with average driving will pay off the LPG costs within months. A bigger issue, he states, will be getting the conversion quickly. Says Evans, "The problem would be getting vehicles converted in time. There's a limited number of people who are qualified to fit LPG to motor vehicles. This is something you cannot have your backyard mechanic do. It needs a qualified person."

[Source: Canberra Times]

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