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Quantum leaping towards hydrogen hybrid

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies is the company that converted several Toyota Prius electric-gasoline hybrids to use hydrogen fuel-cell systems. The modified vehicles are currently being tested by several state agencies across the nation. (See Related links below.)
CEO Alan Niedzwiecki, in an interview, sees hydrogen fuel cells as the next vehicle technology in the coming decades. "The auto companies have, you know," he says, "have indicated that hydrogen is the end game, that they see a point where there could be a large scale transition, probably over the next 15 to 20 years you could see a huge displacement into (hydrogen) vehicles. Between now and then there's going to be quite a ramp up."

Quantum is currently exploring ways to expand its operations and products beyond the government and into the hands of consumers. The challenge, according to Niedzwiecki, is technical, about how to improve the longevity of the engine and its technology. The company is confident it will overcome the hurdles though would not give a time frame.


[Source: Voice of America]

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