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Mobile phone to provides real-time traffic reports

The ability to foresee the state of freeway traffic in real-time (as opposed to snapshots of traffic conditions) seems to be the up-and-coming technology for high end iron. Both Acura and, recently, Cadillac have bundled such systems with their navigation packages, which gather their data via streaming traffic reports from detectors and cameras.
IntelliOne Technologies is currently testing 'Need4Speed,' a real-time traffic monitoring system that can gather data by tracking the movements of mobile phone users within their cars. The company is creatively using the phone's constant communication with cell towers to provide up-to-the-second traffic conditions.

According to the company, Need4Speed is more accurate than current systems, refreshing every second and proving to be accurate within 3 miles. When asked about possible privacy issues, IntelliOne states that any personal ID's from the phones are removed from its system.

An innovative way to track traffic? Or a violation or privacy? Comments are open.

[Source: Fox News]

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