Ford Bold Moves hits the virtual realm with video game

Ford's Bold Moves campaign just got a little bolder with the introduction of Ford Bold Moves Street Racing, a video game developed in cooperation with Eidos Interactive. Scheduled to hit a North American PlayStation 2, XBOX or PC near you this fall, the game comes packing 18 Ford vehicles and the option to switch among three of them at a time during a race, thanks to a function known as "Maximum Team Control." The game also allows the ability to crash and boom 'til your heart's content via the "progressive damage system" function, which, like most video games on the market, shows the damage done to your vehicle as you play.

Among the vehicles to choose from in the game are the 1968 Mustang GT, 1969 Mustang Boss 302, 1985 RS200, 1987 Sierra RS500, 1995 GT90 Concept, 2000 Ford SVT Cobra R, 2004 SVT F-150 Lightning, 2006 Ford GT, and 2007 Shelby GT500.

Our friends over at Joystiq aren't exactly enamored by the fact that the promotional-type game will be sold retail, unlike a game put out last fall by Volvo that was free to prospective buyers and showcased the safety features championed by the brand. We say that if other car manufacturers can spend millions of dollars ensuring that their vehicles end up in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and Gran Turismo 4, Ford can spend millions of dollars playing in their own sandbox -- it's the quality of the game that counts.

[Source: Ford Motor Company via Joystiq]

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