Are SUVs A-OK?

I find there's something lacking in William Montgomery's argument that SUVs are A-OK over on The Truth About Cars. It's not that he can't make a case for SUVs (and that seems to be his goal, to say that SUVs aren't so bad, especially compared to the excesses of some sports cars or compared to the mileage cars got thirty years ago), it's that he really doesn't seem to get why people criticize SUVs .

Yes, William, people who drive souped-up sports car and waste gas revving the engine have little room to talk about "gas guzzling SUVs". But they don't – as you suggest – need to ride bikes everywhere to criticize a waste of fuel when they see it. Anyone who uses an SUV to commute alone to work is not being fuel-responsible. We all (I'm guessing) waste fuel and resources in various ways throughout a day. We should be limiting our contributions to this waste (which can mean calling a sports car a gas guzzler). If I can argue using along your lines, William, then fuel efficiency "is largely a reflection of a driver's abilities". And if you're not being careful with out resources, then prepare for the fall out.

[Source: The Truth About Cars] - EDITED FROM ORIGINAL POST

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