Truck sent to collect Nissan Hyperminis blocked in protest by RAV4 EV

Why does this story seem like déjà vu? Lessees of the tiny Nissan Hypermini vehicles were disappointed in Nissan's decision to take back the vehicles when the leases expired and blocked the truck that came to pick up the Hyperminis. If you've seen "Who Killed The Electric Car?" then perhaps you're imaging the scene where the EV1 drivers block the truck in the film. The difference here is that the lessees were not passionate individuals but the city council of Pasadena, CA. To block the truck, an electric Toyota RAV4 was "poorly parked" in front of the truck by the council.

Nissan says it no longer makes the Hypermini and can't maintain the cars. I tell ya, as soon as someone makes and markets a decent EV that people can actually buy (instead of lease), they're going to make a mint. The market is certainly there.

[Source: Channel 4]

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