Lutz thanks blogosphere for Camaro support

Though many factors were responsible for the new Camaro's path to production, Bob Lutz took some time on General Motors' FastLane Blog to recognize the support the car received from the blogosphere. While Lutz only mentions the comments left on FastLane Blog, we can add that the support for the Camaro on Autoblog has been robust to say the least. After posting on the Camaro Concept's introduction at the North American International Auto Show in January, you all left 1,074 comments on the post. Do a Google search for "Camaro Concept" and you'll find our post second from the top. And despite losing to the Dodge Challenger in our Pony Poll by a narrow margin, the Camaro has remained an object of pure automotive lust on Autoblog ever since.

In his post Lutz talks about the Aussie origin of the upcoming Camaro's chassis and the need for the car to appeal to all age groups and people outside the U.S., an obvious hint that the Camaro's going global.

You can check more photos of GM's announcement yesterday at the company's Flickr gallery here.

So mad props go out to Lutz and company for recognizing the power of the blog. Yes, behold the power of the blog! For our next trick, we'll resurrect the Firebird. Who's with us?

[Source: GM FastLane Blog]

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