What will the next Saab 9-5 look like?

In the theory and speculation department, the blokes at Auto Express have summoned up some Photochops of what they believe the next Saab 9-5 is going to look like. Bob Lutz is already on record saying that the the spectacular Aero X concept will be lending styling cues (front end, wraparound windscreen, etc.) to future Saab products, and the Auto Express renderings obviously take that into account.

This vision of the sedan incorporates the Aero X's front and rear end treatments (the predicted nose is more restrained than the concept's) on a sleek body that most of us would eagerly welcome into our garages. As far as we're concerned, the sooner Saab applies the Aero X nose as the new corporate face, the better. As modern as it is, it's still instantly identifiable as a Saab. The wraparound windshield is not present on this rendering. Instead, the A- and B-pillars get blacked out, giving the impression that the roof is supported by only the ample C-pillar. They state that the interior will borrow heavily from Aero X as well,and include digital three-dimensional displays. Color us skeptical on that one. We'll believe it when we see it.

Auto Express claims that the replacement will be unveiled during the 2007 show circuit and be available later that calendar year. We'll see if and how that shakes out soon enough. Until then, we have thank to Auto Express for getting our collective imaginations going.

[Source: Auto Express]

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