O2Diesel gets funds to test ethanol-diesel blend

Diesel fuel gets its own "tag" here on AutoblogGreen because it can be a quite clean-burning fuel (as for tags, just look to the right of these entries and you'll see a list of topics, like diesel or hydrogen, click on one of them to call up all posts that relate to that topic. Neat, huh? OK, back to the post). But diesel is not perfect, and lots of groups are developing ways to make diesel live up to its low-emission promise. One such group is O2Diesel Corporation, which has developed an ethanol-diesel fuel blend and recently announced they have received $1 million in funds from the U.S. Department of Energy to test the O2Diesel fuel product under the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Diesel Emissions Control Strategy (DECS). The company says that O2Diesel "is already verified by CARB as an "alternative fuel" however DECS provides a higher level verification that enables companies in California industries such as construction/off road, port, transit, utilities, public fleets, and solid waste haulers as well as DoD facilities to meet both CARB and EPA air quality regulations." O2Diesel is a blend of 7.7vol% renewable ethanol, 0.6% of the company's patented and proprietary fuel technology and 91.7% of regular diesel fuel. Does that make it EB7.7?
[Source: O2Diesel]

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