No more mystery: Acura TL Type-S official photos hit the web

Over the weekend, the Boston Globe let loose with the first details on the new Acura TL Type-S. We didn't expect to hear any more on the subject until 9/1, when Acura was set to officially pull off the wraps, but Autoweek has accelerated things a bit by publishing official pictures and additional details.

We already told you about the car's 286-horse 3.5L V6, which is connected to either a 6-speed manual or a 5-speed auto with paddles. Also covered was the new stiffer suspension for the Type-S, so let's move on to how the car looks.

Appearance-wise, the Type-S has adopted the former TL A-Spec's bodywork. The lower side skirts, the fender bulges, and the decklid spoiler that all first appeared on that package are now part of the Type-S trimmings. All TL models receive revised front fascias featuring integrated foglamps, new head and taillight assemblies, and an updated interior. The TL Type-S also gets a slightly different rear-end treatment that incorporates a new bumper cover and a pair of dual-tipped exhaust outlets (very BMW "M" if you ask us). Both the TL and TL Type-S get new wheels, too, with the Type-S rims reminding us of the ones found on the Nissan Altima SE-R. Frankly, we're a bit surprised they didn't go with a more original design. No complaints about the base TL's new 5-spokes, which look great.

The interior incorporates new gauges, a new steering wheel, and colored ambient lighting (blue for TL, red for Type-S). The available nav system has a real-time traffic feature and also acts as the display for the car's reverse camera. The now-expected-by-everyone iPod jack is hidden in the center console.

The Acura TL was and remains a sharp-looking car that's been made even more attractive thanks to the availability of the performance-oriented Type S package. Aside from the additional fun now available via the loud pedal, Acura wisely left well enough alone. We're ok with that. Now, how soon can we drive one?

Thanks to Rob C. for the tip!

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[Source: Autoweek]

2007 Acura TL Type-S
2007 Acura TL Type-S 2007 Acura TL Type-S 2007 Acura TL Type-S

2007 Acura TL
2007 Acura TL 2007 Acura TL

Additional photos are available at Autoweek .

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