On a recent trip to the mountains, a close friend who performs high-end interior and ICE installations disclosed that Prius owners are willing to take a sizable hit to their wallets to get a more luxurious experience out of their miser-mobiles. Sometimes this involves a simple stereo or DVD upgrade, while others go for broke with heated and cooled leather seats.

Toyota has recognized this trend and in an effort to give consumers a bit more bang for their buck has introduced the Touring Edition Prius for 2007.

So what will the $23,650 (sans shipping and the inevitable dealer markup) premium get you? Plus-one wheels that are upgraded to 16 inches, HID headlamps, a rear spoiler, fog lamps and a "tuned suspension."

All the details are limited at this point, but Toyota hasn't said that the Swedish massaging, ostrich skin captain's chairs are out of the picture, yet.

[Source: Inside Line]

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