Increase in biodiesel use brings out the "non-traditionals"

"Non-traditional" can mean different things indifferent contexts. In most instances, for example when applied to college students, "non-traditional" often means older people who have gone back to school. The phrase implies a standard, and someone who is breaking the mold. When Rabobank's Food and Agribusiness Research group recently released the results of a study they did on the global surge in biodiesel use, their conclusion was that "non-traditional" investors were entering the market because biodiesel's prospects are so high. Rabobank's Food and Agribusines Research group executive director Dr. Alejandro Reca said there were non-traditional investors, "such as financial institutions and private equity firms, as well as traditional energy and agribusiness players," in the market now. I find it interesting that this boom in biodiesel is being helped by non-traditional biodiesel users getting involved in the fuel. As the traditional biodieselers give way to the non-traditional ones, so traditional investors make room for non-traditional ones. The cycle continues.
[Source: Rabobank]

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