Hydrogen Engine Center proud of being a step ahead of Ford

He may have left Ford behind, but Theodore Hollinger (who was formerly Director of Engineering at Ford Motor Company and Vice President of the Power Conversion Group at Ballard Power Systems) is still paying attention to what the big automaker is saying. Well, that and he's proud to say he thinks they have been listening to him. Hollinger is president of the Hydrogen Engine Center, a corporation founded in 2003 to get hydrogen-powered vehicles in use as soon as possible. The HEC is not working on mass-producing sedans, but is instead focused on putting hydrogen fueled internal combustion engines into vehicles used in places like airports. HEC sent out a "our foresight is confirmed" press release Monday crowing about how Ford is following in HEC's footsteps with Ford's July 17 announcement of a hydrogen-fueled E450 bus. I'm glad there's forward movment in hydrogen research, don't get me wrong. But here's hoping there can be less hubris and more progress in getting clean cars on the road.
[Source: Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc.]


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