Carlsson ups the ante for Mercedes' SL55 AMG

When even the AMG version of the Mercedes-Benz SL 55 isn't enough, German tuner Carlsson is there to help. Their version of the SL 55 AMG is dubbed the CK55 RS, and it should give its lucky owners some serious bragging rights in the executive parking lot.

Under the hood, Carlsson tweaks the 55's supercharger for higher boost, particularly at lower rpm, and massages the engine electronics, resulting in a stout 601 hp and a maximum torque of 810 Nm (599 ft-lb) at only 2600 rpm. The reworked powerplant is good for 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) in 4.2 seconds and a (restricted) top speed of 332 kph (206 mph).

The CK55 has the usual tuner touches of a stainless steel exhaust system, restyled front and rear fascia, and Carlsson's signature custom wheels (including the 20-inch "Brilliant Edition" models shown).

Keeping you in touch with the road is Carlsson's electronically-controlled C-Tronic Suspension, which lowers the nominal ride height of the car by over an inch, automatically raising the car on rough roads and lowering the car to the minimum ride height at high speed.

Thanks, Ashley!

[Source: Carlsson via]

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