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AutoblogGreen reader gears up for green-powered round-the-world drive

In the past few months, we've gotten a few tips from AutoblogGreen reader Sarah Turner (she's written in about Stirling Engines and biodiesel producer Global Commodities going out of business). Now she's tipped us off about something a little closer to her heart: her personal quest to drive around the world in an alternatively-powered vehicle. Turner is basing her journey on the 1965 drive by two Americans in one of the first Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40s that is recounted in the book "Who Needs A Road?" Turner said she considers the book's subtitle, "The longest and last motor journey around the world" a challenge.
Many details of the trip, like which vehicle she'll use to just what type of green power will be in the tank are still in the planning stages right now, but given that Turner has made some long-distance drives in the past (she's got pictures of an Alaska-Arizona charity drive on her new website) it might not take long before she hits the road. I hope she'll keep us informed.

To see what another recent green driving adventure, I recommend reading about Panamericana 2006, the North to South America trip that took place earlier this spring.

[Source: Sarah Turner]

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